WiFi cafes in Rome

wifi cafe map screenshot

Waiting for Starbucks in Rome?

The american giant is expecting to land in the city next year, but don’t keep waiting, hit the street and discover the existing and growing network of places in Rome offering free Wi-Fi and the possibility to work with your own laptop while sipping a coffee. This is a crowdsourced project to collectively scratch Roman surface and unveil all laptop-friendly cafes underneath.


Go to the front-end to fully enjoy the application.

Wifi cafe here stands for any activity for on-site consumption of food & beverages (cafes, bistrot, wine bars, …) which is laptop-friendly, namely suitable for working. This is a very subjective feature and for this reason the project sets only a few and neutral requirements a place should meet so that everyone’s taste and needs is accomodated.

Minimum requirements

  • Be operated by people happy to welcome clients working with their laptop while having a coffee
  • Offer WiFi
  • have minimum facilities (seats)
  • be opened during the day

Do you know a Wi-Fi cafe in Rome? Is it not in the map? Fill this form to add it!

If you’re interested in the raw code of this project workflow you can visit this repo on GitHub.

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