Music events in Rome

map of rome with music events points

map of rome with music events points

Where do music events take place in Rome?

Let’s take a random week and plot music events data by boroughs. Allevents API is a good source to retrieve a large amount of events promoted on Facebook. Here the events categorized as ‘parties’, ‘music’ or ‘concerts’ are used. For the complete workflow including data extraction (python) and cleaning visit the repo on GitHub.




Read data

Now let’s read the data along with the shape files. You can download shapefile with the boroughs of Rome here. Tiber shape file is exported from OSM. Events data are extracted from API (check github repo for the python+R workflow to obtain cleaned events data).

music events rome


Spatial elaboration

Before being able to plot a choropleth there’s need to aggregate the data by making a spatial join



Now we have all the information we need to make the map

histogram music events


leaflet music events


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